Andre Marhold's Biggest Games

By Steve DiMiceli

Ahead of Senior Day 2013, I wanted to honor Andre Marhold and Sean Johnson by highlighting their five biggest games.

Surprisingly Andre's list was easier to put together. Could be because a lot of his productive games have come in the last three weeks.

 #5 Wednesday January 12, 2013 vs St Joe's 13 Points 11 Rebounds

Marhold recorded his first career double - double on the night you would least expect it facing CJ Aiken. What's even more impressive, he did it playing limited minutes thanks to foul trouble. 

#4 Sunday November 11, 2011 vs Wisc Green Bay 17 Points

Marhold established a career high in scoring that would carry him through to his senior day. Didn't do much on the glass but he went 6-7 from the field. He was so hot he even made 5-7 from the stripe.

#3 Saturday February 9, 2013 vs. Xavier 9 Points 10 Rebounds

A great bounce back game after being chastised by Jim Ferry following the GW blowout. He wore out from overuse in the second, but the Dukes were clearly the better team when he was on the floor.

#2 Saturday January 7, 2012 vs St Bonaventure 9 Points 6 Rebounds

No this game was not sexy on paper, but the defensive effort Andre put on Andrew Nicholson in the second half was. He flat out won the game for the Dukes in my opinion by neutralizing the future NBA player. 

#1 Thursday February 14, 2013 @ Temple. 15 Points 15 Rebounds

It did not occur too many times throughout his career where I felt like Marhold was dominant and this was by far his most dominant. He took the game over for a stretch in the second half scoring at will and allowing Duquesne to extend its late lead with some key blocked shots.