This blog is an extension of the message board at duquesnedukes.yuku.com. It's purpose is to broaden the coverage of the Dukes and provide a jumping off point for more discussion for fans of the program. We also want to provide an outlet for any fan who wants to sound off about any aspect of Duquesne sports or simply sports in general.

Along those lines, anyone is welcome to submit an entry to the blog by sending an e-mail to yukudukes@gmail.com. Please understand that minor editing may be done, mostly for grammatical purposes. That said, we're not professional writers nor do we claim to be. We're doing this for the love of our Alma Mater!

The message board community was started by a small group of fans looking for a modern alternative to the status quo of the time. Over the years, the board has seen continuous growth and activity, and the blog has only added to it.

Please stick with us as we cheer on the Dukes!