Keys to Success

By DukesDan
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The Dukes averaged  13.8 assists per game last year. This year that number has jumped to 18.4 per game, good for 4th best in the nation. This has translated into a 10 point increase in points per game (70.3 to 80.8) good for 14th in the nation. I think it is pretty obvious where this production has come from, the addition of T.J. McConnell and Mike Talley.
Mike Talley (8.2 Points/g, 2.6 Assists/g, 1.6 Turnovers/g)          
T.J. McConnell (11.3 Points/g, .543 Field goal%, 4.6 Assists/g, 2.8 Steals/g, 2.1 Turnovers/g)
The return of Eric Evans has allowed these guys to rest and has provided some upperclassmen leadership in the back court. Evans' ability to drive to the hoop with power has also helped. Sean Johnson's production has doubled this year, with his point total increasing from 5.6/g to 9.4/g and his assists from .9/g to 1.9/g.

Another aspect of the game the Dukes have improved upon is 3 point shooting, which has allowed them to beat the zone defense. Last year they shot only 26.1% while this year they have shot 39.5%. FG% in general has gotten much better, going from 47.3% last year to a very respectable 54.1%. The Dukes now rank in the top 35 in both of these categories. Over the summer it was discussed on numerous occasions that shooting was the most needed improvement and it appears this has occurred.

The future looks bright as Everhart continues to create a guard oriented team that is perfect for the Atlantic-10.
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