Some Summer League Updates and Duquesne Schedule

By Steve DiMiceli

Just wanted to point out some changes to the Pro-Am:

- Sponsorship switches have changed the name of two team Duquesne players will compete on.

       - Martins Abele, Jerry Jones and Derrick Colter will play for GNC.
       - PJ Torres, Jeremiah Jones, Marvin Binney and Ovie Soko will play for Oliverio's Peppers.

- Note that Ovie Soko was added in place of Derrick Martin, who is no longer listed on any roster.

- The seventh team is now called South Hills Audi and is composed almost entirely of graduates including back to back champion Kyle Goldcamp, former Pitt grinder Chevy Troutman and all league ball hog who still has something to prove Griffin Abel.

- The league appears fairly thin at point guard. TJ McConnell is gone, Juwan Staten was removed from the list and Tray Woodall was never assigned. Amir Johnson and Velton Jones are the only notable points and of course, one of our new comers is playing behind Jones.

- Others who are notably absent: JJ Moore from Pitt and Aaric Murray from WVU by way of Lasalle.

Monday Duquesne Schedule:

8:00 PM GNC (Abele, Jones, Colter) vs. South Hills Audi
9:00 PM Oliverio's Peppers (Torres, Jones, Binney, Soko) vs. UPMC (Johnson, Marhold, Winters)