ND St 57 - Duquesne 43

By Steve DiMiceli

They say if you don't have anything nice to say don't say it. I can't say nothing, even on a night where no Duke gets into double figures, but I will at least be brief. At least no one played 30 minutes with another game tomorrow.

Player of the game: PJ Torres 6

Not sure anyone deserves this honor but he at least had a fair game on a night where most were sub par. He was the only Duke who shot a three and ended the day better than 33% from the field. He played solid defense at the top of the 2-3 zone.

Derrick Martin 5.5

Strong defensive effort may have earned him more PT tomorrow. It's a good day when he can eat 14 minutes and not foul out. 

Derrick Colter 4.5

Very good yesterday. Forgettable today. So is life with a freshman PG, but he'll get much better with time. Really, he created a number of shots that didn't fall for his teammates.

Martins Abele 4.5

Had a nice little shot, some rebounds, but he seemed out of position a lot.

Andre Marhold 4.5

Had a 7 in the second and a 2 in the first so I did some math. I really don't recall him getting throw around as much last year.

Jeremiah Jones 4

Played a little selfishly, but made a couple of nice shots and nearly missed on a couple of wide open three's. Ok defensive effort.

Marvin Binney 3.5

Didn't do anything awful but didn't contribute much either.

 Jerry Jones 3

Provided a spark yesterday, but seemed exceptionally flat today. Created four wide open three's for himself off the ball and made one. Did nothing inside tonight.

Sean Johnson 3

Just did not play like a senior. Didn't even play like junior for much of the game. Good effort on the glass was overshadowed by awful decisions. Glad he's healthy though.

Kadeem Pantophlet 2

Better rebounding effort and more consistent defensive effort, but he really just doesn't seem to fit with this team. It's funny because I thought he would excel in Ferry's system. 

Quevyn Winters 2

I still liked his intensity, but I think we'll look back on this being one of the worst games of his career.