Duquesne 90 - James Madison 88

By Steve DiMiceli

Jim Ferry secured his first win in overtime by a score of 90-88 as 5 Duquesne players scored in double figures against a veteran James Madison team. With Andre Marhold fouled out and Sean Johnson sitting with what appeared to be cramps, a youthful unit  that included a junior, a sophomore and 3 freshman took the floor and took over the game against a JMU side comprised of 4 seniors and a frosh Normally, experience has the advantage in over time, and the Virginia school pulled ahead 84-81 early in the extra period. However, the younger Dukes outscored the elder Dukes 9-4 in the last three and half minutes.

Player Ratings:

Player of the Game: Quevyn Winters 8

May have turned the game for the Dukes when they needed someone to step up in the second half. Seemed more active and willing to take on defenders.

Sean Johnson 8

Gave the team a huge lift at the beginning of the game but was not always responsible defensively. Let's hope his injury is nothing serious.

PJ Torres 9

Higher marks in a shorter period of time than the player of the game. He seemed to settle the game in first the way Winters did in the second. It'll be interesting to see how much PT he and his forearm get the rest of the week.

Jerry Jones 7.5

Probably the only guy who you could ask to shoot the ball better. He was a stat stuffer tonight and seemed to elevate his defense as times.

Derrick Colter 7

First half foul trouble, early sloppiness and his FT shooting down the stretch hurt the team. Other than that he was very good. 3.5:1 A:TO always makes me smile with a freshman PG.

Jeremiah Jones 6.5

Gave some very strong minutes and shot the ball well. There were a few situations where I'd have like to have seen the more selfish Jeremiah I saw this summer. There were a couple of time I thought he was too selfish. Decision making will come and basketballs off the noggin will cause you to pay better attention on inbound plays.

Kadeem Panthophlet 4.5

Awful in regulation, he was a different player in OT. I thought he did a nice job with the tough assignment of denying the post against Rayshawn Goins the first minute thirty after Marhold fouled out . Hit a huge three in OT.

Martins Abele 3.5

I told someone sitting near me that Abele isn't a foul a minute player anymore. He then proceeded to foul out in the next 3 minutes he played. He seems to be coming around on the defensive glass and made a sweet pass to Jerry Jones.

Andre Marhold 2.5

Got trucked by Goins most of the night, which I'm sure he does to a lot of undersized centers. Positionally, he played a good game but just got thrown around by the much heavier player.

Marvin Binney INC

Broke down the JMU zone single handedly and then disappeared for the rest of the game. No idea what's going on there.


Not the best game this team will play but a bunch of players stepped up and broke down an older more disciplined team.

I thought the offense looked a lot more sophisticated though I thought the defense looked less organized. I like the adjustment on the fly by the coaching staff on defense.