A-10 Blogger Awards

I'm proud to present our second A-10 blogger conference awards. While participation was a little light this year, I think we have a handful of really knowledgeable and dedicated writers who were able to share their thoughts with us. The following participated:

Tom Blackburn, Blackburn Review
Dan from Spider Bandwagon
Steve Uhlman, SB Nation Pittsburgh. 
Steve DiMiceli, Yukudukes
Rogabee, Yukudukes
WH, A-10 Message Board Guru

Without further ado:

A-10 Player of the Year

Andrew Nicholson, St Bonaventure

First Team All Conference

Ramone Moore, Temple
Khalif Wyatt, Temple
Tu Holloway, Xavier
Brian Conklin, St Louis

Second Team All Conference
Chris Gaston, Fordham
Chaz Williams, UMass
Chris Johnson, Dayton
Mark Lyons, Xavier
Langston Galloway, St Joe's

Third Team All Conference
Earl Pettis, Lasalle
Juan Fernandez, Temple
Chris Braswell, Charlotte
Carl Jones, St Joe's
Kevin Dillard, Dayton

Honorable Mention
BJ Montiero, Duquesne
TJ McConnell, Duquesne
CJ Aiken, St Joe's

Defensive Player of the Year
CJ Aiken, St. Joe's

All Defensive Team
Chris Gaston, Fordham (2 DPoy votes)
TJ McConnell, Duquesne
Darrius Garrett, Richmond
Khalif Wyatt, Temple

Freshman of the Year
Kendall Anthony, Richmond

All Freshman Team
Jonathan Holton (1 Vote FOY)
Dez Wells, Xavier
Jerrell Wright, Lasalle
Pierria Henry, Charlotte

Coach of the Year
Rick Majerus, St Louis

* Fran Dunphy and Mark Schmidt also receiving first place votes

Most Improved Player
Derrick Williams, Richmond

*Ronald Roberts and Brian Conklin also receiving votes.

Light crowd of voters but it's hard to argue with the results. Thanks for everyone who participated and good luck to the league in the post season.