Q & A with Alex Kline of TheRecruitScoop

By Steven DiMiceli
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If you haven't heard of Alex Kline, you might want to get to know his name. Alex might be the Mel Kiper, Jr of college basketball recruiting and get this, he's 16 years old. He already runs a highly respected Internet recruiting information service called The Recruit Scoop and has a tremendous following on twitter (@TheRecruitScoop). My twitter feed is always full of news about hot recruits nation wide. He's been featured in the Wall Street Journal and on ABC National News and he was very gracious enough to answer a few questions about himself, the Dukes, and recruiting for Yuku Dukes.

Yuku Dukes: When I was 16, I thought I was hot stuff because I had a sales job at Staples making $7.00 an hour. You must be pretty proud of what you've accomplished so far. 11,000 followers on Twitter and features on Rivals, Zagsblog and your own website. Where are you hoping this spring boards you? Are you hoping to end up more on the journalism side, the business side or the coaching side?

Alex Kline: I'm very proud of my accomplishments because they came with hard work and sacrifice. It's nice to be recognized by so many people but I feel as if I am just scratching the surface. It's an honor for me to write for such prestigious sites and get recognition. This has led me to some other great opportunities like being in the Wall Street Journal and getting featured on ABC National News. I'm not sure where I want to go with this yet, but I have always dreamed of being a basketball coach. I like what the media has to offer though so I could always stay with that. I just hope to stay involved in the world of basketball, that's all.

YD: You seem to be on top of EVERYTHING going on recruiting wise around the country. Are you doing this by yourself or do you have lots of help?

AK: I do this job by myself. It's not to take all the credit, but more-so to do it in my way and with my unique style. I am someone who likes originality so combining with others isn't always the best option for me. Sources, coaches and players are my best friends when it comes to feeding me information, though.

YD: Duquesne's turnaround is pretty well documented around the country and A-10 appears to be getting stronger again. What are your impressions of Duquesne and the Atlantic - 10?

AK: The Atlantic 10 is one of the up and coming conferences in the country. It features so many teams that one may have never heard about but when the tournament comes around, a few A10 teams always make some noise. The Duquesne staff is doing a great job of selling the program to the players, recruits and fans. This is evident in their results.

YD: Duquesne recently received a commitment from PJ Torres of Westchester County. He seemed to be flying pretty far under the radar in spite of good numbers in high school and on the all star scene. What kind of an impact do you think he'll make in college?

AK: PJ is a very talented player who wasn't getting the right looks. This is a great pickup for the Dukes. In a few years, he will make a huge impact with all of his talent. He is a real steal for them and can definitely make a difference in the A10.

YD: Maurice Aniefiok has been a hot commodity in recent weeks with new offers from Indiana and Rutgers joining the race late. He's already visited James Madison, Ole Miss and most recently Duquesne. Where do you think he'll end up?

AK: I think Mississippi is probably the best case scenario for him. It all depends on his grades though. He clearly wants to play at a high major level and it doesn't look like Indiana will pursue him to much. Rutgers is considering several different options at the moment but I think Maurice could go with Ole Miss or possibly a mid-major.

YD: While we're on Huntington Prep, the talk about the Bhular brothers seems to have quieted. Is there a reason for this or am I wrong for even thinking interest has dipped?

AK: The Bhullars have been quiet because they are working. Tanveer played for the first time last weekend. He hadn't played since he left Kiski Prep in October. Sim has been working hard on the court and nothing more at Huntington Prep. Both of them have been quiet on the recruiting trail as they are just working on their conditioning and game.

YD: Chiekh Fall committed to the Dukes just after the early signing period ended and we still know next to nothing about him. Can you help? I promise I won't hold it against you if you can't.

AK: I believe he is a JUCO kid who averages somewhere around 10-15 points per game. At 6'8 230 he's a big guy. The guy has even played in Japan!

YD: What is the buzz going on around the country for the much deeper than usual crop of players coming out of the Pittsburgh area in the 2012 class?

AK: It's not even Pittsburgh but the entire state of Pennsylvania has become a hotbed of talent for the class of 2012. It is extremely impressive. Savon Goodman, Amile Jefferson, Daniel Ochefu, Jaylen Bond just reclassified to 2012; the list goes on. It's a really impressive class and it's spread out but also local so a lot of these guys play each other. It makes Pennsylvania hoops really intense and exciting.

YD: Tyler Harris and Percy Gibson were pursued by the Dukes in the fall. Both signed elsewhere (NC State and Dayton respectively) only to see the head coaches they committed to leave. Where do you think they end up and what are the chances that Duquesne will re-enter the picture?

AK: Both will stay with their schools.

YD: We normally try to end these things by predicting the outcome of an actual game. Who do you think wins the national champion next year?

AK:. Right now, it's a three way race between Kentucky, North Carolina and Ohio State. I'll say Kentucky because of their depth. UNC could win it too based on their depth, as well. Both teams will be loaded next year. Watch out for Duke, as well.