Dominique McKoy's 5 Great Games

via @PGSports

I like to get greatest games lists out before a player's career officially ends and the Dukes bailed me out by winning one more game. I held off as long as I could to post Dominique McKoy's five greatest games. Why? Because he kept producing great candidates for the list right until the present. He's truly playing the best basketball of his career now.  However, I will risk postponing no more. This was one of my more difficult lists to compile because the workman like Domo just got the job done without a lot flash. Still, I think I built a list worthy of him.

#5 January 25, 2014 vs St Bonaventure 13 points, 9 rebounds 

Just missed the double - double as he often did, but what sets this game apart was the way he and Ovie Soko got pretty much every St Bonaventure post player in foul trouble. Those two put on a clinic for drawing contact and he also went 5 - 8 from the free throw line.

#4 January 22, 2014 vs St Louis 15 points, 8 rebounds

This one was bittersweet but it is often the game I think about when I think about McKoy, for good and bad. This was two points away from being his best. Not that seventeen points means anything, but with under a minute to play, he stared a go ahead bunny in the face and he missed it. Still, it's difficult to overlook what he did the rest of the evening.He was excellent.

#3 The Entire Month of December 2013

Ok this is a little outside of the box, but when you miss seven times from the floor in six games you're beyond on fire. He also posted back to back double doubles against Penn St and Robert Morris, two very worthy candidates for this list.

#2 March 4, 2015 vs Fordham 16 points, 7 rebounds 

Really asserted himself in this one. Played with toughness but also found space in great positions to finish. We didn't see a ton of this from his as a senior, but we did on this occasion.

#1 February 28, 2015 @ St Bonaventure 20 points, 15 rebounds 

This is the night Domo announced that he wasn't going quietly into the night. Dukes got beaten badly but the Bonnies didn't have an answer for him.