That's How You Play Against D-II's --- Duquesne 91 - Bluefield St 51

What a difference a week and a little intensity make.  This game counted and I could see Duquesne got the memo.

 The Good

Good Defense Leading to Good Offense. When the Dukes finally got on a roll in this game it was because their defense translated into some confidence at the other end and a few easy bucket in transition along the way. The Dukes got 20 points to 0 in transition in the first half.

The Bad 

Ten second half turnovers. The sloppiness of the second half was jarring considering the Dukes only had one in the first half. Some of this had to do with the complacency of a forty point lead. Ultimately all it cost them were some opportunities to pad their stats.

The Ugly The Also Good

There is something to be said about first half perimeter defense, but there is something wrong with you if you're going to gather evidence against the Dukes following this performance. I really liked the way the Dukes shared the basketball from the post particularly from the freshman. Tysean Powell had two assists and Eric James had a few nice kicks off the dribble drive.

The Moment It Was Over
Micah Mason's And One. So maybe the game wasn't over here, but when that lay up spun in and he hit the freebie, I figured they wouldn't look back. Turns out, I was correct.

Credit Where Credit is Due

Bluefield St Can Shoot and Move the Basketball. Guard play seemed like a strength. I thought the Dukes' rotation was a little slow, and I thought they took advantage of it making smart passes.

Player of the Game

Pick 'em. Choice is up to you. Colter's efficient 26 points or Mason's efficient 16 points and 9 helpers. If you prefer one to the other, I can see your argument.

Parting Thoughts

The Dukes beat up on a D-II school the way they ought to so hopefully the fans will stop beating up on them for a week. All around, it looked like a strong performance that ranks as the second largest margin of victory in the Jim Ferry era to the forty - six point win against Hawaii - Hilo where we literally watched their team fall apart in the second half.

If you asked me whether or not this game changes my perspective on the season at all, my answer is a no, but the Shippensburg near loss (note that I didn't use the word disaster) didn't change it either. What is encouraging is that this might have been the most complete forty minutes I've seen the Dukes play in November since the 2011-12 season. We got a sampling of what the depth could do today. We'll get even more perspective against Abilene Christian when Jordan Stevens debuts.