My All PBC Pro - Am Team

By Steve DiMiceli

Just for fun, I thought I'd do some all summer league awards.

 Player of the Year

Talib Zanna - Absolutely dominated every game he played in and was an automatic double - double

First Team

Chevy Troutman
Lucky Jones
Ovie Soko
Noah Cressler

Second Team
Mike Young
Josh Newkirk
Derrick Colter
Terry Henderson
Lance Jeter

Honorable Mention
James Robinson - Didn't Play Enough
Tra'Vaughn White - Didn't Play Enough
Lamar Patterson - Didn't Play Enough
Jeremiah Jones
Lijah Thompson
Durand Johnson - Didn't Play Enough

All Newcomer Team
Jamel Artis
Brandon Watkins
LG Gill
Jeremiah Worthen