Road Tripping with the Dukes

By Steve DiMiceli

Duquesne fans will have a number of opportunities to go on the road with their team this season. There are quite a few interesting weekend games that make for an easy, single day round trip from Pittsburgh. 

12/15 @ Robert Morris 17 Miles from Duquesne  $8-$10

The County Game should be a given for most Duquesne fans this season. The Robert Morris campus is an easy trip down the parkway west or a slightly more difficult trip up PA-65 depending on where you're coming. In reality, this is a faster trip than the AJ Palumbo center for a number of Duquesne alums. The County Game is quickly becoming a heated rivalry and with Bobby Mo looking worse than expected, this should be a coin flip. 

12/29 @ Penn St. 137 Miles from Duquesne $15-$24

With construction on US - 22 finally complete between Murrysville and Altoona, the irritation level of a trip to State College has dropped from "pull your hair out" to "this sucks, but at least there are these hillbilly roadside strip clubs along the way to laugh at." Great seats are still available at the Bryce Jordan Center and like the Colonials, the Nittany Lions look a bit worse than expected in the early going. We're looking at another competitive road game.

1/26 @ Dayton 259 Miles from Duquesne $10-$20

This is a stretch for a day trip, but why the hell would you want to spend any more time in Dayton than you have to? It's not  like stopping in Columbus for the night is much better. Do yourself a favor. Get there, take in a game at one of the leagues flagship arenas and then go the hell home before you end up unemployed just like the rest of the city.

2/2 @ St Bona 175 Miles From Duquesne $14-$16

Honestly this could make for a pretty cool trip this year. Start your day with a quick side trip to get drunk in Punxutwaney with Phil for Groundhog's Day, buy some insurance from Ned Ryerson while you sober up, and then head to Olean through the parts of Pennsylvania no one ever goes to. Finish with a beef on wecht at Beef n' Barrel before heading home. Or you could just take a boat up the Allegheny. Either way, watch the weather forecast before making the trip as its not fun in winter weather. It's even less fun going home in the snow with a Bonnies three point buzzer beater playing over and over in your head.