Quick Hits from the Pro-Am 6/25

By Steve DiMiceli

Day 3 of the Pro-Am saw some previously strong players struggle and some struggling players shine.

Here is a quick player by player run down:

Martins Abele - Not as sharp as last week and really seemed to struggle with the quicker forward Ovie Soko. He did alter some shots, but had little impact on the other side of the court.

Derrick Colter - Struggled badly from the floor tonight but made some trips to the line where he also struggled. He had several turnovers and continued to have difficulty dealing with pressure (applied by Marvin Binney this time). I had him with 7 points on the evening.

Marvin Binney - Binney has shown less flash than Colter but has been more efficient so far. He has taken fewer shots but he has finished at a better rate. He played his best game in my opinion tonight and could prove to be a strong defender.

Ovie Soko - This is the Ovie Soko I was expecting. He did everything tonight, slashed to the hoop, moved well off the ball, found his teammates, rebounded. Closed with 15 points according to my tally, but others watching thought he had more.

Jeremiah Jones - No disrespect to Jones, but I've been least impressed by him so far. His finishing hasn't been crisp and he's hit one or two three's that I recall. He takes a lot of shots, too. While it's difficult to get a true read at the Pro-Am, I think he may struggle his freshman year. However, there is real talent. He handles the ball well and has some nice moves. He's also very gritty and has no problem mixing it up with bigger players.

Eric Evans - Played some solid minutes and dropped 15 for the GNC. Looked good and he will be missed. Kind of makes you wish he'd have red shirted his junior season.

Quevyn Winters - The player of the night for Duquesne and Soko played a heck of a game. I had Winters with 23 points on 3 3's. All the shots that haven't been falling for Winters dropped in tonight. In a game where Malcolm Gilbert and Cameron Wright dominated the first, the second was all Winters. He showed strong vision, good ball handling all while grabbing 7 rebounds by my count.