Mike Talley: Year In Review

By Steve DiMiceli

I'll be doing this year's "year in review" features in a kind of abnormal order for the 2012 additions. I'm going to start with the players most likely to transfer and work my way backwards. Right now, just about every transfer rumor that we hear starts and ends with Mike Talley. While they're just rumors until proven otherwise, I think he is the most likely to leave if there is some truth to the chatter.

What he did well

Talley continued to use his speed to his advantage. He defended very well in the half court trap and when the Dukes went full court pressure. He got off to a slow start from 3, but he did a much better job knocking down open looks as the season progressed. He seems a little more comfortable at the FT line.

What he needs to work on 

Talley was strong on dribble penetration until the finish. He needs to kick the ball out and find the open man rather than force wild shots. Too often, he did not get the calls he deserved. He also needs to do a better job evading the screens or switching back when he gets isolated in the post playing man defense. He needs to pass the ball where players can receive it and do something with it. Frequently, his passes came in low to either Andre Marhold or Mamadou Datt and they couldn't handle them.


Talley could end up at a school closer to home. If he stays with Duquesne he will either need to take a more central role in the offense at the expense of TJ McConnell or he will need to learn to play better off the ball. I hope Talley does not leave as I think he gives the Dukes a great one - two punch at point guard that the Atlantic 10 hasn't seen since the Whoopi Warren and Whoopi Lowery graduated from Dayton. Of course, Talley can play and deserves the minutes. If he needs to go somewhere for the sake of his own career, more power to him, but he will be missed at Duquesne.

Best Game

February 1 vs Dayton

Great first half catapulted Dukes to a big early lead that they were able to hang onto.