Danny Herrera: Year in Review

By Steven DiMiceli

If you closed your eyes you could've missed Danny Herrera's season. Kid's a sweet shooter, but questions remain about his defense, and quickness that could keep him off the floor.

What he did well

Herrera is a very good shooter who can really light it up from three. In fact, he still hasn't missed from downtown in his career. Compared to summer league, Herrera seemed a lot more competent defensively in his brief appearances Herrera seems strong enough and could develop into a solid rebounder.

What he didn't do well

Herrera was not quick enough to defend on the perimeter and is not tall enough to play inside effectively. He gets into foul trouble very quickly. He did not share the ball much when he did play looking to score almost every time he touched the ball.


Experience should help Herrera overcome some of his physical shortcomings and reduce the fouling simply by being in better position. The problem is, he completely wasted a year of eligibility and there is only so much you can do in practice. He's a guy I think could've really benefited from a red shirt as he is talented and can add value.  With Herrera's shooting ability, it will be difficult to keep him off the court moving forward. Should he move on, he would be a very good fit in the Ivy, the MAAC and maybe even the Valley.