Mamadou Datt a Duke, Aiche Ndao to the Ladies?

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Mamadou Datt
Mamadou Datt, a 6'9" player from Stoneridge Preparatory School in Simi Valley, CA, has apparrently accepted a scholarship offer to Duquesne and is enrolled. Thanks to our friend UncivilDKizzle for finding this information and alerting us to it!

Back in January, Datt (pictured to the left from a team photo on Facebook) was reported as receiving interest from UCSB, Cal-Irvine, UCLA, Fresno State, Cleveland State, and Utah State. Some basketball message boards had found a Stoneridge highlight video on YouTube, but that video has since been made private.

Rivals made mention at one point about a player named Selle Hann, also a Stoneridge player, whom Duquesne was interested in. The speculation could be made that Datt was found in the scouting of Hann and impressed the coaches. Certainly wouldn't be the first time something like that has happened.

Otherwise, there isn't a whole lot out there on this guy. Certainly a welcome to the bluff is extended on behalf of the DU fanbase to young Datt. I'm hoping that he's a legit baller and that signs proclaiming "Who Datt!?" can be triumphantly raised within the confines of AJP.

Aiche Ndao
The same Facebook post (found at the bottom of this article) that would seem to confirm this information also mentions another player - Aiche Ndao. Though Stoneridge doesn't have a women's team, Ndao practices with the guys as reported on one of the school's facebook photos. Other information on her is unclear.

Of course we also extend a welcome to Ndao.

Certainly we will be giving you more information as it comes out. For now, feel free to discuss our two newest Dukes on the Yuku Board.

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