Best of Luck

By Michael Weber

Thank You to Everyone
There comes a point in everyone's life where they meet this animal named, "Adversity".  It doesn't build character; it reveals it.  I've enjoyed nothing but amazing moments with the people associated in the Duquesne community.  It all starts with the founders and members of the Yuku Board.  They have the passion and man-power to articulate some of the most clear and convincing points associated with Duquesne Basketball, and to a larger extent, Duquesne University.  It doesn't matter how we got here.  I've met students, alumni, administrators, professors and athletes and they all have this one amazing quality:  Serving God by Serving Students(or Others).  I know everyone associated with Duquesne has heard this before.  If not, do a little google search.  You'll be surprised what you find. 

Of course my biggest passion has been Duquesne Men's Basketball.  I've seen it all.  I've seen the shootings; I've seen a 3-24 season; I've seen the AJP Center with 250 people in it; I've seen terrible coaches; I've seen a resurrection; I've seen this university get this far.  I certainly hope it goes a little further.  I hope it makes the kind of committment those athletes deserve.  With this, comes my passion for Damian Saunders and Bill Clark.  I outlined their greatness in a previous post, but they exemplify what Duquesne is all about. 

I've had my disagreements with Duquesne and others as well.  This is not the time or place to get into them all.  Ron Everhart has brought this program out of nowhere to where we are today.  I hope, for everyone involved, that he takes us all the way.  I'll let you decide what "all the way" is, as we all have different expectations and goals. 

I hope that if you've read my posts and entries in the past, you realize that I always strive for greatness.  I owe this to my high school basketball coach, who will remain un-named.  He always taught me that this world isn't about complimenting anyone.  It's all about "getting better".  Because, after all, if you aren't getting better, you're getting worse.  He taught me never to accept what anyone tells you because there is always another level and that's where I draw my criticism from.  I guess I strive for perfection.  Remember, success is where opportunity meets preparation...Don't ever be un-prepared. 

With that, due to personal issues, I have decided that it is in my own and the entire Duquesne community's best interest to retire from my post position as administrator of the Yuku Forum and member of this blog outlet.  I've never been as passionate about anything as I am about Duquesne Basketball and basketball in general.  Again, for that, for my knowledge in the game, for everything I ever learned about that court, about those players, about those coaches, I owe it to my high school coach.  He always told me that this game "isn't a question of can or can't; it's a question of will or won't."  Certainty remains with me that everyone "can".  I'll let you decide if you "will". 

Take Care and God Bless

Michael E. Weber