Web's Top 25 Poll

By Michael Weber

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A strange thing happened the other day.  I actually was asked to participate in a weekly poll to rank the top 25 teams in college basketball.  My good friend Owlified does it all for us on his blog.  You can check the poll out here.  I will be posting my picks on this blog here for all to see.  Owlified has ensured me that he will link everyone's picks to their respective blogs and that I will link the Top25 on our blog.  Here is how I will rank my teams; I won't just blindly move teams up and down based on whether they win or lose. I do a lot of the "eye test".  Well, what does that actually mean?  When things are close, I imagine the two teams playing on a neutral floor in Toronto, Ontario.  Whomever I feel like would win that one, gets the nod in the rankings.  And another thing, if two teams played each other already and the team who lost is somehow ranked above the team who won...don't come whining to me.  This is an "as of right now" poll.  Also, if teams 1 and 2 play each other and team 3 plays an unranked team.  Does it make a whole lot of sense to move 3 in front of 1 or 2(whomever loses) just because teams 1 and 2 had a tough game?  Seems silly to me. My ballot is after the jump.

Here is my Top25 for this week(as of Sunday Night):

1 - Ohio State
2 - Syracuse
3 - Kansas
4 - San Diego State
5 - Duke
6 - Villanova
7 - BYU
8 - Texas A&M
9 - Pittsburgh
10 - Kentucky
11 - Texas
12 - Connecticut
13 - Purdue
14 - Notre Dame
15 - Missouri
16 - Michigan State
17 - West Virginia
18 - Wisconsin
19 - Minnesota
20 - St. Mary's
21 - Illinois
22 - Louisville
23 - UNLV
24 - Colorado
25 - Georgia