Projecting 2012-2013: My starting line up

I've already given my real projection of what I think will happen for the 2012-2013 Dukes along with a range of possible outcomes with pessimistic and optimistic predictions. Here I'll be projecting starting lineups and minute allocation.

I like the following starting lineup:

1. Derrick Colter
2. Sean Johnson
3. Jerry Jones
4. Quevyn Winters
5. Andre Marhold

and off the bench I think we'll see:

6. Kadeem Pantophlet
7. Martins Abele/Derrick Martin 
8. Marvin Binney
9. Jeremiah Jones

I would put the Dukes in the following order from the most to the fewest minutes I expect them to receive

1. Sean Johnson
2. Quevyn Winters
3. Derrick Colter
4.  Andre Marhold
5.  Jerry Jones
6. Kadeem Pantophlet 
7. Marvin Binney
8. Derrick Martin 
9. Jeremiah Jones
10. Martins Abele
11. PJ Torres 
12. Mamadou Datt 

I expect Johnson to play well over 30 minutes a game and Winters to play around that. When Jim Ferry took over at LIU, he gave his recruits the bulk of the minutes over the returning veterans. I think he has more to work with at Duquesne. However, I'd be very surprised if Winters did not start. Winters should get minutes at the 3 and 4 this year. Derrick Colter will likely split time with Marvin Binney at point guard fairly evenly, but I expect him to play more and more as his career progresses. Binney may also get some minutes at 2. Marhold will start at center again, but I could see him moving to power forward for stretches. Unfortunately, I don't think Ferry has the personnel to play his 4 and 5 interchangeably this season for most of the game. Martins Abele and Derrick Martin will split time at the back up depending on the match up. Against bulky centers, I expect Abele to play substantial minutes. Against quicker, craftier big men, I think we'll see more of Martin. Kadeem Panthophlet will be the first guy off the bench since he could play the the 3 or the 4 this season. Jeremiah Jones will get a few minutes a game to spell Sean Johnson and prepare him for a bigger role next year. Barring injury, I don't expect to see much of PJ Torres, but keep in mind, I'm somewhat biased because I have not seen him play this summer. With his injury and academic issues, I could see Mamadou Datt red shirting this season. Even if he doesn't, I think he is too one dimensional for Jim Ferry's system. 

In terms of conference hardware, this lineup will have one player with a legit chance for the all conference team and two candidates for the all freshman team. Pantophlet has the potential to win most best  6th man and if any of the big men take steps forward, they'll have a crack at the most improved player. This isn't the best or the most complete lineup Duquesne has put out there, but it is one of the deeper teams we've fielded  recently. They have decent option at every position off the bench and they will not lose much anywhere except 2 when the starter is on the bench.