First Impression of Quevyn Winters

Quevyn Winters enjoyed success in his first test against college basketball and played his way to all - summer league newcomer honors. He was never really in the spotlight, but that didn't stop him from putting in a solid performance overall.

Quick Comparable: I hear a lot of Bill Clark or BJ Montiero comps, but I see more Chris Johnson from Dayton.

Strengths: Winters is a high motor player that never seems to take a second off when he's on the court. He is a strong rebounder who relies on athleticism rather than technique or size. He has excellent court vision and can outlet the ball quickly to trigger the fast break. Has deep range on his three point shot. He can create for himself off the dribble and penetrate to the hoop. He does not present as a selfish player and seems to make the smart play more often than not. His game was mature for a freshman and for the summer league. Winters is probably an average defender at this point though I didn't notice much from him good or bad. In a brief conversation, Winters presented as a very friendly and polite young man.

Weaknesses: Winters struggled with consistency on his 3 point shot and with his finishing. He was streak shooter, but often required a lot of shots in order to score in double figures. Had some difficulty defending larger opponents. His up court passes don't always connect with their target.

Outlook: Winters was solid but not spectacular but if he didn't play well, it was never for lack of effort. Moving forward, I think he will have an important role, but will be more of a strong supporting member than the star. This is no knock on him. By the end of his career, I think most Duquesne fans will have a lot of nice things to say about Quevyn Winters.