Big News Day 5/14

If there was a dam blocking Duquesne related news, it started cracking Friday and broke wide open today.
Ron To WVU

Not a huge surprise that country roads took Ron home, but the further out we've gotten from the end the season the more unlikely this move seemed. Ron should fill in nicely when Bob Huggins is too drunk to hold a clip board or is out with liver inflammation. I also suspect he'll do wonders for Juwan Staten and the rest of the Mountaineers guards. Great hire and glad to see Coach Everhart bounce back. 

VCU to A-10

VCU is a great addition to the A-10. Not the best but in terms of immediate brand improvement, the A-10 could not realistically do better than Butler and VCU. In fact, I think the league's brand is better  with Butler and VCU in the league than it is with Temple and Charlotte. Temple is a big time tradition, but in the single serving, what have you done for me lately world we live in today, Temple just doesn't have the clout of media darling upstarts like the Bulldogs and Rams.  The concern at this point is whether or not that brand is sustainable. In 10 years, Temple will still be Temple, but I can't say Butler and VCU will be the same kind of programs they are now. Here's hoping. 

We're also adding two very classy, grateful and knowledgeable fan bases. I look forward to following the league with these programs in it.  

 In the last 3 years, no conference has more final four appearances than the new A-10.

Suzie McConnell - Serio Signs an Extension 

I called for this earlier in the season before Vanessa Abel went down to injury. Great move by Greg Amodio to get the exension done now and I hope SMS got a well deserved and substantial raise. I'm excited for her to turn the corner and the next two years should provide a great opportunity to take the women's program to the upper levels of the A-10. Wumi Agunbiade and Orsi Szecsi should lead this program for the next two years and provide a significant punch inside. 

My only complaint about SMS is how she leaves two scholarships open. Sure, it's a great recruiting tactic, but the Dukes were burned by lack of depth at PG this season. 

I hope this is just the beginning of a long and storied career at Duquesne.