PJ Torres: Year in Review

By Steve DiMiceli

I've gotten to the part of the list where I'm pretty certain the players will be back. After Torres, I'll get to a part of the list I'll to call players with an acceptable sample size for accurate and complete discussion about their impact this season and future prospects. I don't have much to go on with Torres, but I didn't see much I didn't like.
What he did well 

PJ Torres is not afraid to shoot the basketball. He's not too shabby when he gives it up either. In 36 minutes, he dished out 6 assists to only 3 TO's. This is a small sample size but it's pretty damn impressive for a freshman. PJ likes to drive the lane and is willing to shoot the three. He didn't shoot particularly well but I think that may be because he tried forced it in scarce minutes. His defense did not stand out as being particularly strong or particularly bad. Very, very relaxed for someone who played little.

What he didn't do well

Torres made some bad decisions to force a play. It's hard to call someone who had 6 assists in 36 minutes selfish, but I do feel like he shot the ball more than he passed it. I hope he won't play like a child with only a couple of toys next year when he gets more minutes. His three point shot looked a little unconventional if I remember it correctly.


It might seem like I didn't have a lot of bad things to say about Torres and that's probably because I don't. Maybe I didn't see him play enough to complain.  Should Mike Talley leave, I expect PJ Torres to play a much, much bigger role next year and if he wasn't playing behind three very strong point guards, he would've played a lot more this year. The Dukes haven't had as much depth at point guard in a long time as they did this season and PJ Torres got the short end of it. Unless Willie Moore or another recruit comes in and really impresses, Torres should be solidly in the rotation next year.