Derrick Martin: Year in Review

This is three difficult reviews to write in a row as none of them played much this season. Next up is Derrick Martin. We got a preview of Martin over the summer so no one was surprised when he was relegated to the bench. He never played more than 12 minutes in a game, and didn't appear after the road trip to Olean. Even after a red shirt season, he is still raw, but the upside is there.

What he did well

While Martin only averaged 3.9 minutes a game, he grabbed 1.1 rebounds per appearance and .5 a block. He has the athleticism and length to contribute inside. Given more time, he would easily have been our best rebounder. While he didn't hit, he does have a jump shot and may have the best hands of anyone on the team taller than 6'6''. By the end of the season, he seemed to be making fewer stupid mistakes...

What he didn't do well 

...but Martin was still making dumb mistakes. He got the hook quickly in quite a few appearances and Ron Everhart seems to have very little patience for him. He shies away from post offense and needs to play better defense overall. Like all of our bigs, he fouls too much.  In general he does not seem very aggressive especially on offense. He does not play with a lot of confidence.


Derrick Martin has the potential to be a complete post player and a real stat stuffer given more time. However, from everything I've heard, his potential is as high as he wants it to be. If gets his act together and adds some weight, I think he could very easily start for this team or be a solid contributor down the road.