BJ Monteiro's 5 Biggest Games

By Steve DiMiceli

I thought I'd pay tribute to BJ Monteiro and Eric Evans before Senior Day by counting down the 5 best games of their careers. First up is BJ.

#5 December 31, 2011 vs Houston Baptist 24 Points (.563/1.00/.833) 14 Rebounds 5 Assists

BJ's only career double - double. He celebrated by heading to South Side and getting stabbed in the hand with a beer bottle. Played very, very well but problem is it was against a crap team or the performance might have gone higher.

#4  January 22, 2011 vs Charlotte 20 Points (.727/,500/1.000) 6 Rebounds 4 Assists

The Dukes have won 4 in a row against Charlotte and BJ Montiero is a big part of why. In 3 appearances against the 49ers, he scored 19,20 and 20. His mere presence on the bench was enough to get the job done his freshman year, but his junior performance was his best. Very efficient and shared the ball well. Easily his best game last season and one that I thought would lead to a breakout. It didn't but it was still one of his best games.

#3 December 16, 2009 vs Canisius 27 Points (.600/.333/.200) 5 Rebounds 2 Assists

Also known as the day BJ arrived. He took over the game at times and demonstrated what he can do off the dribble. Really, kept the team in the game in regulation.

#2  February 15, 2012 vs Fordham 30 Points (.692/.750/.818) 8 Rebounds

His only 30 point game on a great shooting night overall on the back of outstanding first half. The FT's were the most impressive part going 9 of 11. He played some very good defensive sets against Chris Gaston.

#1  December 28, 2011 vs. Bowling Green 28 Points (.786/.000/.667) 8 Rebounds 3 Assists

Second highest scoring night of his career without hitting a single three. He only missed one. Simple formula, he destroyed Bowling Green inside on the dribble penetration. Not only was this his top game, it was the game where BJ most exquisitely showcased the strongest parts of his skill set. The best all around finishing night of his career. Combined with the Houston Baptist game, I thought he was going to roll into A-10 play.

@Dayton this year was his better away game, but I thought it just missed.

Great career for BJ. We're going to miss him a lot more than people think.