What is going on with recruiting?

By Steven DiMiceli

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I don't want to toot my own horn but I'd like to think that I'm as in tune with recruiting as just about anyone outside of the Duquesne program goes. However, recent developments are just getting crazy after two pretty routine and anticipated commitments from PJ Torres and Daniel Herrera. I guess we shouldn't expect anything to be straight forward with this program. Since the Herrera commitment,  quite a few questions have been raised.

1) Why hasn't Fall's LOI been submitted?

In his article about Herrera for the Trib, it says that Chiekh Fall has still not submitted his letter of intent. The guy is a complete mystery to everyone so it only stands to reason that his signing should be an enigma. If he doesn't come, who will replace him? We need at least one post player to come in to eat some minutes next year.

2) So what's up with Shakore?

Last fall, Shakore Grant committed to the Dukes just after the fall signing period. We were worried that he had his eyes on a bigger program. Then, reports were he was going to prep school next year and reclassifying as a 2012. Now, there are rumors that he is still in the fold and Mackell still lists him as an unsigned verbal commitment. Hope this gets resolved soon.

3) How long will Aniefiok keep us hanging?

Don't get me wrong, I like the attention the board and the blog are getting to follow his recruitment and decision. However, I don't have any fingernails left and won't until the player who I believe could be the premier recruit of the Duquesne 2011 class commits somewhere. There was some confusion as to who he would visit and when he would visit them. I swear I heard 5 different dates for when he would be coming to the bluff.

Now, we know it's down to three, us, JMU and Ole Miss with Rutgers yielding after receiving another commitment. Seriously though, I'm not complaining about him taking his time. I actually respect him for being deliberate with his decision and I think it shows some maturity. Where ever he ends up, I know it will be the right decision for him and I wish him the best.

4) Where did Kenny Harper come from?

I think it would be fair to call JUCO guard Kenny Harper's commitment today the surprise of the off season so far. Here's a guy who averaged 4.2 as a freshmen and he's a D-1 commitment. Now I want to be fair and welcome Harper to Duquesne, however, I would be pretty surprised if he is a scholarship player. We'll wait for further confirmation on the signing. If nothing else he seems like he could be a good locker room guy. He seems to know the Michigan contingency.

Hope no one thought I actually had answers tonight!

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