YukuDukes 2011 NCAA Bracket Competition

by Face

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After a tough game to watch today, it's time to think about some lighter matters and let that stress go. There's going to be lots of time to break down today's game and the season later on, and of course we will be doing so on the blog and the board alike.

It is time again for the most exciting event for any college basketball fan. March Madness is indeed upon us, which means it is also time for the ultimate in college basketball bragging rights - making your bracket better than everyone else's!

We did this last year and it was some fun, so I think we're all certainly happy to get this going again.

We have set up this league on Yahoo, so you'll need to be registered there. Click this link for the main Yahoo Fantasy page, which contains the links for the Tournament Pick 'em registration. Make sure that you click the option to join a private league. Our group name is YukuDukes 2011, the group ID is 55162 and the password is mossie. I'm not sure if Yahoo passwords are case-sensitive, so make sure you use that lowercase "m!" Hope to see your brackets soon!