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Steve and I were tossing around thoughts in a thread about where different A10 schools may fall when the tournaments are decided.

We have three teams that should be a sure thing - Xavier, Temple, and Richmond. Dayton can obviously play their way in if they beat Richmond. If they lose, they will probably end up in the NIT, though that isn't a sure thing. Currently, on NITology (a site we used a lot the past few years and to my recollection found to be reliable), Dayton is listed as bubble-out - but that was before the win today. I think it is possible that they overcome one of Nebraska, Baylor, or Iona for one of the predicted bubble spots.

The remainder of my ideas can be found after the break, so click on!

We know a few things about teams that have accepted bids to the CIT or CBI, as well as teams that are pushing for it. Based on all of that, I think we can say with some confidence, with the exception of Dayton,

NCAA: Xavier, Richmond, Temple, (Dayton)
NIT: (Dayton)
CBI/CIT: Duquesne, SBU, URI, GW

I think it is realistic to say that all A10 teams with an overall winning record will at least be invited to play some more basketball. What is a shame is that if Dayton wins, we will likely have no teams in the NIT. We were close, URI was close, but no cigar.

As for the CBI and CIT teams within the A10, we only have confirmation from Bona. The rest is conjecture. What we DO know is that there are a handful of schools already committed to one or the other, so spots are already filling up.

While this isn't anywhere approaching the excitement that the NIT would garner (which seemed so attainable) or for that matter the NCAA (which even seemed possible at one point), this is a little more practice time, a little more game time for a team that is losing two dynamic players but has a few up-and-comers who will hopefully be ready to take the reins.

How do you think it'll all shake out? Talk to us on the board!

As for NITology, check out the site: