The State of the (Hot)lantic 10 - Week 5 - Late Edition

By Michael Weber

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What were the Bonnies fans thinking?
Another week of games and another week of me scratching my head wondering if what happens in this league, happens in other leagues.  Let me do the honors of resetting the scenario.  Duquesne at St. Bonaventure; 9.1 seconds remaining; Dukes by 1; Bonnies in-bound the ball and its stolen by TJ McConnell; TJ is shoved out of bounds and in an effort to throw it off the Bonnies player's foot, he stepped out of bounds; Bonnies in-bound the ball and Michael Davenport hits a game-winning 3 point shot; Bonnies fan storm the floor.  Say what?  They rushed the floor?  You have to be kidding me.  This wasn't Duke...it was Duquesne.  There has to some set of rules that we need to discuss about rushing the floor.  I found a good blog entry about this and I tend to agree with it.  Check it out here.  I honestly think the Bonnies fans were out of their minds to rush the floor.  Again, you beat DUQUESNE.  Or...maybe it's a sign Duquesne has finally arrived.  They better take it serious because it's about to come and go when Saunders and Clark graduate.  Anyone who watched the game realizes that this is the window for Duquesne to make the NCAA Tournament.  Lost in all of this, however, was Everhart's decision to argue with the officials about how much time should be on the clock when BJ Monteiro hit a lay-up with 9.1 seconds left.  The Bonnies had no timeouts remaining, and as a result of Everhart's inexplicable decision to ask the officials to look at the clock again, Mark Schmidt drew up a play during the "timeout" that ultimately cost Duquesne the game.  Argue all you want, but the little things matter.  The way the Bonnies were turning it over in the 2nd half, they had a chance somewhere between slim and none to set up a play on their own.  Ron Everhart lost Duquesne this game.  Plain and simple.  He isn't alone though, Xavier lost a real clunker at UNCC, excuse me, Charlotte.  That sets up a "less than anticipated" matchup at the  AJ Palumbo Center Consol Energy Center between the teams tied for first in the A10/14.  Good luck trying to predict that one.  You had the Dayton Flyers march back into relevance by crushing St. Bonaventure and LaSalle by 2 and 4 points respectively.  Even Jerry Palm thinks the Flyers are for real.  Excuse me?  Dayton in the NCAA Tournament?  Dear Jerry - Um...No.  The top 4 teams have either 1 or 2 losses.  5th place has 4 losses.  That's called separation.  I won't be shocked if someone implodes and URI, Dayton or UMass snatches a bye in Atlantic City.  With that, let's get to the awards(abbreviated version):
TEAM OF THE WEEK:  Dayton was on the verge of having their season ended in the middle of it.  They beat the Bonnies and Explorers.  I guess they are the team of the week...

PLAYER OF THE WEEK:  I don't think anyone cares, but Scootie Randall had a big week.  The A10 agrees with me.  Check it out here.

GAME OF THE WEEK:  It was a back and forth affair in Olean, NY.  By the way, if I had to make a list of the places I'd most like to raise a family, Olean would be somewhere in the bottom 2.  The other would be the Sun.  Bonnies win by 2...more explained above.

DUD OF THE WEEK:  Xavier loses to Charlotte.  WOW.

SURPRISE TEAM OF THE WEEK:  St. Joes...the finally won a game.

STAT LINE YOU PROBABLY MISSED OF THE WEEK:  Langston Galloway got back into the A10/14 Freshman of the Year Race by scoring 25 in a win against UMASS.

WEB'S DUQUESNE FLAVOR OF THE WEEK:  Beat Xavier and you can still have an excellent.  Lose...and I think it unravels from there.