Desmond Ridenour Breaking Out? 7/17

By Steve DiMiceli

I'm going to go with player by player recaps this evening.

Ovie Soko - Looked more in control tonight. With Eron Harris absent, he ran the point when Desmond Ridenour was on the bench. Playing against 32 year old pro, Chevy Troutman, Soko didn't have free reign to do whatever he wanted. Still, did well but his production was down. 17 points 8 rebounds

Desmond Ridenour - It's amazing how much better a player looks when their shots begin to fall. He shared the ball nicely and found players for open looks on the perimeter. He also has quick hands and gets into passing lanes on defense. He's beginning to feel like a sleeper to me. 10 points, 3 assists

Jeremiah Jones - Continues to show more maturity this summer. He did a nice job drawing contact and getting to the line tonight. His F/T shooting has been excellent at the Pro - Am. 12 points, 6 assists

LG Gill - What can I say? The kid just keeps knocking down open looks. When he hits only 50% of his shots, it's a bad night for him.  He does a nice job of finding space on the perimeter and he's beginning to move better off the ball inside too. I watched him closely on defense. His positioning and footwork are pretty solid. I think he'll be able to guard A-10 small forwards and maybe guards in time.

Official stats are 10 points, 4 rebounds, but I had Gill with 14 and I even missed the first ten minutes of the first half

Derrick Colter - Easily his best 44 minutes of the summer. He passed and shot the ball well. 19 points, 4 assists

Darius Lewis - Ditto for Lewis on his best game of the summer. Was more active offensively and got a lot more touches as a result. He got to the line for 10 shots and made 7 of them. His rebounding is getting stronger too and he was able to come down with several in traffic including one off the floor. With his double figure scoring performance tonight, every Duke has dropped 10 or more in the league at some point. 11 points, 9 boards

Jordan Robinson - His first rough shooting night.  Worked the pick and roll a few times effectively but his teammates missed him. He does a lot of stuff off the ball that you like to see like boxing out and setting screens. 6 points, 5 boards

Travaugh White - DNP due to his eye injury.