When Should Duquesne Expect It's First Spring Commitment?

By Steve DiMiceli

Mired in an eight game losing streak, Duquesne fans are looking for anything positive to hang their hat on at the moment or some kind of sign that we're on the right track. It looks bad right now and there is never much positive that can be said when the losing is this bad. Fans want a win most of all, but I think they would settle for a player commitment.  So when might we expect the next player to commit?

Sadly, I think Duquesne fans are going to have to wait a little while longer. Spring commitments really don't ramp up until the beginning of April shortly before the signing period opens up. From there, its a complete free for all until the end of May when it slows down again after most coaches fill out their rosters.

Of course, February commitments aren't unheard of. Both Andre Marhold and BJ Montiero committed  during the winter. The high school season ends for some kids pretty soon. Others and probably a great number of the top players continue in regional and state playoffs possibly until the end of March. If players haven't made their college decisions before the beginning of their basketball seasons, often times they wait until it ends.

Those hoping for a commitment sooner than later will probably be disappointed. Truth is there will be no green pill that will relieve fans anxiety about the future in the next few weeks. In this day and age where we want instant gratification and real time coverage, it's difficult to ask people to wait, but at the same time, nothing is gained from impatience with this program but frustration. Some people might suggest that they've been patient for 35 years. My response is what will another two years hurt you?

And have some faith.