DU/WVU Thoughts

by Dave Morus

Just a few things of note... nothing special, because we're all talking and tweeting about it anyway. Join in the discussion on the boards if you haven't already.

1. You want to know if the Dukes new rebounding prowess is legit? WVU is the 24th best rebounding team in D1. The Dukes out-rebounded them by 4 - and for much of the game, that margin was larger.

2. Noreen was supposed to be a can't-miss contributor when we were recruiting him. His statline is nothing special in the least, and this is his junior year.

3. The Dukes had a 36 - 20 advantage in points in the paint. A useful stat for a Hoopie fan who thinks that "WVU LOST" rather than "DUQUESNE WON."

4. Turnovers :-( ... 'nuff said.

5. The team's gotta focus on RMU now. Us? We'll have some fun with this for a while.

6. Ferry talked a lot about how this has all been a learning process, and this game is evidence of it. He also refused to credit this as his first big win here, saying that his first big win at DU was his first win at DU.