First Impression of Jeremiah Jones

By Steve DiMiceli

Last but certainly not least is Jeremiah Jones. He was the player I had the highest expectations for coming into the summer league and unfortunately he struggled at times. Keep in mind this isn't damning. Lots of players prove to be more successful in the Atlantic 10 than in the summer league.

Quick Comparable: Like Marvin Binney, I had a difficult time figuring out a comp for Jones, but I think Sean Johnson might be the best I could come up with.

Strengths: Jones seems very versatile. He played 1 through 3 at times for the Peppers. He is a streak scorer who can pile up the points quickly. He's a strong ball handler who should provide a nice compliment to a point guard in pressure situation. He created his own shot very well and he should be a capable 3 point shooter. His defense seemed adequate and he rebounded well for his height.

Weaknesses: Jones played a "me" game in the summer league more so than any other Duke. It was difficult to get a read on his passing skills, because he didn't share the ball much.  He often forced shots when passing the ball was the right option. He was an inconsistent finisher which may have had something to do with poor shot selection.

Outlook: The talent is there for Jones, but he'll need to learn to be a college player. His natural tendency in an unstructured environment was to try to be a one man show. Adjusting to Jim Ferry's system which calls for unselfish play could take some time. In the short term, I suspect Jones will play sparingly, but I think over time, he'll become a valuable player.