Quick Hits from the Pro - Am, 7/2

By Steve DiMiceli

The Duquesne action was light at the Pro-Am on the Monday before the 4th of July. Only the 5 newcomers made appearances and the results were mixed but overall positive.

Game 2

Derrick Colter - Colter arrived late and had a difficult night converting on 2-9 from the floor and scoring only 5 points. For the first time all summer, he had multiple shots blocked in a game. Of course, he was driving in at the best shot blocker in the league, Malcolm Gilbert. Colter finished without an assist, but he did set his teammates up for at least 5 shots.

Quevyn Winters - Wore number 63 tonight instead of his usual 52 so I had no idea he was playing till the second half. He made two 3's, went 3 of 5 overall from the floor and  2 for 2 from the strip to finish in double figures for the 2nd game in a row. He recorded 4 rebounds.

Eric Evans also played for GNC tonight finishing with 7 points.

Game 3

The Peppers won big tonight over SPK Law.

Jeremiah Jones - He's really finding his stroke and was more selective with his shots. Seemed like he was more willing to pass the ball today at first but when he stopped getting return passes, he reverted to being a black hole. Went 3-6, but two of the shots were forced. He finished with 9 points, rebounded very well and played solid defense at times.

Marvin Binney - Binney is very selective and he almost never puts up bad shots. Had a lay up set up by a very nice move just fall off on him which cost him his 6th and 7th points. Official stats didn't give him any assists but I had him  with two.

Ovie Soko - Stole the show from Talib Zanna tonight who in his own right played the best game I've ever seen him play. Seemed like the coaches staggered Zanna and Soko's minutes so the two could just dominate when they were in the game without their opposite number. Soko is an absolute showman. He went through two defenders to go coast to coast for a slam again tonight. In the second, he had a sequence where he finished a fast break with a dunk, stole the inbound pass and stuffed it home again. He's also loves to goof around and doesn't take himself too seriously. In this league, I think he would just as soon make someone laugh as score a basket.  He talks a lot of trash that he doesn't really seem to mean, gropes his opponents from time to time, and says "and one" after every single shot when he's on the bench. I love having him on the team and I'm sure his teammates do too.