2012 Recruiting: Abridged Jim Ferry Edition

By Steve DiMiceli

With the nature and timing of this year's coaching search, Jim Ferry had a huge chunk of his prime recruiting time eaten up before he was hired as Duquesne's coach. He has five scholarships available to him and an ever dwindling poll of talent to use them on as the spring letters on intent are signed daily. While Ferry is right to be meticulous and not force anything, here is everything you need to know about how he might try to approach 2012 recruiting and some players I hope he contacts.

Hold Donovon Jack

This is not only the first agenda item on my list but it seems like it's the first item on Ferry's list as well. From what I've been told, the meeting over the weekend between Ferry and Jack's family went very well. While I still think he could ask for his release, I think Duquesne will be a player in his recruiting until his decision is made. I expect Ferry to expend a ton of time and energy to keep Jack in the fold.

Target Ron's Targets 

There are a couple of names we should be familiar with that I think Ferry needs to pursue. They're familiar because Ron Everhart has already been pursuing them. I don't think Ferry needs to ride on his coat tails, but these kids have had Duquesne sold to them for months and in some cases years. They are very familiar with the school by now so some of the work has already been done. Ferry needs to step in and begin selling himself.

The first name that rings a bell is Price (CA)'s Trey Dickerson and we are involved with him again. He's apparently a crafty point guard who could see major minutes if he chooses Duquesne. Cleary, we're an interesting choice for him since he reopened his recruiting only a day after he committed to Seattle when he received a scholarship offer from us.  Another name to watch could be Barnett Harris. The skilled Gateway big man has family ties to Duquesne and we've always floated somewhere around his top 5. While we're not currently involved that I know of, he presents as a versatile interior player who fits Ferry's system perfectly.

Jump on Plan B's or Guys Who Want a Plan B

This is the group of players who simply aren't satisfied with the their offer list who are waiting for that bigger offer to come. For some it's a BCS school who has been talking to them for a while who may have a scholarship open if Player X jumps to the NBA. Think Stephon Pettigrew's recruitment. He ended up at Western Kentucky, but had us, the Hilltoppers and the University of Kentucky, who never offered, as his final 3.  For others, they are a late bloomer with nothing but NEC, Big South and MAAC offers sitting in front of them. This is the category I would put Bryan Harris into. If Jim Ferry is interested in Harris, I suspect we will have a chance simply because we are still his best offer. Another guy to keep an eye on in this category is Sekou Harris of New Jersey who had a great senior year, but is yet to get a big offer. This type of recruit is still very unsettled and an offer from Duquesne could quickly sweep them off there feet. Coming from the NEC, I would imagine Ferry had a number of players waiting for something bigger on his short list.

Transfers Transfers Transfers

There are simply too many D-1 transfers on the market not to find something the coach likes. Personally, I would like to see him take a big man or a swing with 3 years of eligibility left if Ferry cannot convince Jack to stay or find another prep big to replace him. The good news is that this market is still unspoiled and Ferry won't be at that great of a disadvantage for being fashionably late to the party like he is with 4 years players.

Hold a Scholarship (or Two) Open

I think if the none of the above work out, it's better to leave an extra scholarship or two on the table for 2013. I'd prefer this over JUCO  honestly. I think the only place where Ferry really needs to force something is at guard. He needs some cover there, but if the choice is a sub A-10 quality swing, big or nothing for 2012, I'd take the nothing.  This gives Ferry the chance to build a more natural relationship with recruits and gives him the chance to get both quality and quantity from the first class that will truly be his at Duquesne.