Why next year may not be as bad as we think

By Steve DiMiceli

It feels like even the fans who wanted Ron Everhart fired are on suicide watch right now. There is a lot of uncertainty in the program at the moment and I have a feeling the next week or two is going to feel like an eternity. So here are two bitsof advice to those who may want to end it all.

1) Stay away from sharp objects.
2) Read the rest of this piece.

While I can't and won't argue that there is reason for optimism next season, I can't see us completely collapsing to a single digit win, last in the conference season like some do. In fact, I still think we'll find a way to make the A-10 tournament. Here are 5 reasons why.

1. Sean Johnson

I've given him a lot of crap down the stretch but I think he can carry the load offensively. He can create for himself and will draw attention away from his teammates. I think he has a 30 point game or two in him. Of course he probably has a couple of 6 point games too.

2. Most Improved Player Contenders

I suspect both Kadeem Pantophlet and PJ Torres will be returning next season. I believe both can contend for most improved player should they start. From what I've seen of PJ, I think he could step in and play the point at least as well as the what the Bonnies have thrown out there the last couple of years.

3. Post play cannot get any worse

The team won 16 games last year without any help inside. I can't imagine we will be less effective in the post this year.

4. We'll probably win some close games, some return matches, and more than 2 games in February

I'm assuming Ron's replacement will have better coaching chops than him and will be able to make some adjustments, draw up a play, and call a time out when it's needed.

5. Three point shooting should be a strength

Panthophlet, Johnson and Jones can all knock it down from 3. They'll be able to steal a game or two when they get hot with the jump shot.