Thank You Ron Everhart

Dear Coach Everhart,

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the hard work and commitment you've given to Duquesne University. I highly doubt that there are many coaches in the country who could have turned Duquesne around so quickly.You have a very unique gift and special skill set for helping desperate programs return to stability. Regardless of how it ended, your tenure at Duquesne will be looked at as an overwhelming success and will be held fondly by all.

I have certainly been a critic at times, but now that the deed has been done, I'm saddened by it. The program is trading a good man and a sure thing for uncertainty that may result in advancement. Of course, it may not. The thing I credit you for above all else is I felt you could simply will this program to a winning record. I have faith that there is not a single coach in this conference who outworked you or demanded more from your players. I won't even dream of replacing your work ethic.

The good news is you still have your health and you have your reputation. It will not be long before you find yourself in a head coaching position again. Duquesne is no longer and coaching graveyard and expectations of our program have changed. So have expectations for those who no longer coach here. You will prove that there is life after Duquesne and you deserve it. After all, you're the guy who created these conditions.

You'll be missed but you'll always be remembered.

Steve DiMiceli