Recap: @ Umass

So there goes another A-10 season. It had its good and its bad but it certainly closed on the later. I expected a loss tonight but it doesn't mean I'm any less angry at the result. I've said for some time now that I'd like to see Ron Everhart return for the second to last year of his contract, but I'm at peace with any decision the athletic department makes.

Player Recaps

Jerry Jones - 9.5 - Can't take anything away from this man. All around one of his finest games as a Duke. I'm looking forward to seeing a lot more of him next year.

Eric Evans - 9 - Elevated his game since we chastised his tweets after the GW game. His last three have been his most consistent in a Duquesne uniform.

Kadeem Pantophlet - 8.5 - See the last sentence under Jerry Jones. Couple of huge three's and the back to back charges were sensational. Most consistent rebounding effort of the year by Kadeem tonight the helped Dukes improve their team effort.

TJ McConnell -7.5- Limited steals but an all around better effort than the last time out. Shooting has been off since taking more.

BJ Monteiro - 5.5 - Hope the Dukes go to the CBI so he doesn't end his career this way. Very strong at times, but I think his three point touch is fading a little.

Mike Talley - 5 - Poor shooting night but he had one sensational drive that I can't get out of my head.

Andre Marhold - 5 - Call me crazy but I thought he was ok when he was in. Guess Ron decided to trade his minutes for offense since neither team was playing D anyway.

Sean Johnson - 2.5 - Shades of Kojo Mensah tonight. If he announced he was leaving early to play in Paraguay, I would not be angry right now. Honestly, the only Duke with substantial minutes to play a downright bad game. Cost his team badly. I hope his battery is charged on his I-Pod because no one is going to want to talk to him on the long bus ride back to Pittsburgh.

Mamadou Datt - NR - Made an appearance and found a way to foul, get a defensive rebound and get tied up by the shortest guy on the floor. I'm looking to see how much he grows in the summer league.