At This Point, It's all Just Rumors

By Steve DiMiceli

If I had to identify a drug of choice at the moment, it would be information. I've been so distracted by Duquesne basketball since the TJ McConnell story broke that I find myself doing unnecessary things just to get myself away for the computer like taking a second shower or making pierogies from scratch. When I see that "(1)" on twitter, you're damn right I'm clicking on it. When I get a text message, I'm hoping it's somebody with a clue as to who interviewed today.

 I legitimately cannot take my eyes away from the computer for long periods of time even though most of what we're hearing is complete worthless. It's difficult to differentiate between what is real and fiction in this coaching search. Below is what we think we know:

- There is a conspiracy in the athletic department to run a fake search before naming Dino Gaudio since he and Greg Amodio want to play golf more often.
- Duquesne lost the greatest recruiting class in 50 years because Ron was fired. In fact the Southern California guard that supposedly committed is Norm Nixon.
- Coach Calipari's soliciting big boasters to contact the athletic department to get Orlando Antigua an interview all while preparing for a Final Four
- Donovan Jack's high school coach believes everything he reads in the Trib.
- Gary Waters will be named head coach later this week.
- Pat Kelsey's too good for Duquesne and prefers Miami of Ohio
- Keith Dambrot and Tom Herrion might take the job.
- Brett Reed, Andy Toole and Jimmy Pastos are all candidates.
- Dr Daugherty lies and eats puppies. Greg Amodio yells at old ladies for the fun of it.

Below's what we actually know so far:

- Orlando Antigua has not been contacted.

Did you get all that?

Rumors are the methadone for information junkies. It's not real but it's a fix until we can get something substantial. I'm sick of the rumor mill cycling already. At the moment, I trust Jenn Mendez and the people I normally talk to for information. The lists ends there and just about everything else is just not as good.  We'll get more plugged in as time rolls along, but we have to be patient. There is no point in getting into the rumors for any reason other than to pass time and really, we aren't going to know anything until it's all over. I would not be surprised for a minute if the guy who gets the job has not been mentioned to this point. I suspect we'll have something by Easter, but that is just a guess like much of what we'll be reading between now and then.