GW - 56 Duquesne - Blah

Another tough loss to swallow. Most years the Dukes win at least one or two close games. This year, they haven't one once by fewer than two possessions. The Dukes are now 15-13 and their run of winning seasons is now in serious jeopardy as the games keep getting harder and harder.

Here is how I thought the players did.

Kadeem Pantophlet - 7 - The one bright spot offensively today. He got hot in the second half and Lonergan came up with an adjustment for him. Then crickets. Also allowed a offensive rebound off the Tony Taylor missed FT that really hurt the Dukes chances.

TJ McConnell - 5.5 - Didn't have much tonight. Had a ton of near steals but none happened. 4 assists to no TO's the bright spot for him.

BJ Montiero - 5.5 - Didn't play like a senior leader tonight fouling out of the game when his teammates needed him.

Jerry Jones - 5 - Nice defensive effort but completely invisible on the other side of the floor.

Mike Talley - 4.5 - Got off to a nice start but he can't have more turnovers than assists and expect high marks.

Sean Johnson - 4 - Caught fire late in the second to even give the Dukes a chance. Missed FT's hurt and so did an absolutely miserable first half.

Andre Marhold - 4 - Made a couple of tough baskets and played ok defense. Soft on the glass tonight for the most part.

Eric Evans - 2 - Hit an early 3 and I thought it would be his night. Bad on both sides of the floor. He looks like he's flat out given up.

Mamadou Datt - 2 - No rebounds, No D, 3 fouls. He and a weight trainer will being going full tilt by the end of March.