Houston Baptist Recap

By Steve Dimiceli

New feature.

I'll be doing recaps of all the games I am able to watch and ranking players on a 1-10 scale 5 being roughly average.

Dukes dominated from 5 minutes into the game until the buzzer. All 14 eligible Dukes saw action tonight. Sloppy first half gave way to a much tighter second half something we also saw against BGSU

BJ Montiero 9.5 - Great game, but missed a few bunnies early to keep him just under 30 for the second game in a row. The reboudning effort and the passing were also excellent. If you're one of the fans that thinks we won't miss him next year, I disagree with you.

Jerry Jones 9,5 - Keeps impressing. He's emerging as one of the best shooters on the team. While he does not create much for himself of the dribble, he knows where to go to get the ball. I don't think you can ask for a much better effort from someone coming off the bench

Sean Johnson 8.5 - 24 points and nice rebounding effort. Did a lot of things right but was a little sloppy with the ball early.

Tj McConnell 7.5 - Forgot to shoot the ball tonight, but he had 9 assists and 6 boards.

Eric Evans 7 - Earned his starting job back, but he still makes bad decisions too often. Still he scored 10 and shared the ball and rebounded very well.

Mike Talley 6 - Shot well from the floor and took on defenders, but he turned the ball over 4 times and missed a few easy ones.

Kadeem Pathophlet 6.5 - I said on scout that he looks like a guy who will stick to the perimeter. He displayed a nice inside game to go with his stroke from beyond the arc.

Andre Marhold 5 - A good performance for having only played 12 minutes, but he was really bad from the FT line. Still, I expected more from him.

Mamadou Datt 6 - Very quiet before leaving due to injury. 4 rebounds in 9 minutes is impressive.

Derrick Martin 6 - The best performance I've seen from him Summer League, Scrimmage or otherwise. Still a little timid at times, but he showed a little more toughness and smarts than in previous appearances. Played against Houston Baptists regulars too. He earned some minutes especially if Datt is hurt.

Daniel Herrera 8.5 - Talk about making the most of an opportunity. 8 points 2 steals, and 2 boards. Did foul twice, but made a good decision not foul on a third play. He seemed remarkably better on both ends of the floor. Good news for the Dukes. He had a small group of supporters cheering him on.

PJ Torres  4 - Showed a pretty selfish game, driving the length of the court without passing his first two touches. Shared more after his first basket, but I still didn't like it.

Sam Bott 6 - Very active and he got to score a basket for his huge cheering section. He seems like yet another talented walk on for Ron.

Rich Pierkarski NR - Not enough time to make an impression.