DU vs. WVU a no go?

by Face

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Thuggins is said to enjoy making out with
injured players on the floor at
NCAA tournament games.
Hello and welcome to another edition of "Rampant Speculation." Today, we tackle the Hoopies of West Virginia and their coach, Bob Thuggins, infamous 'round these parts for almost killing Duquesne player B. B. Flenory during his playing career with a viscious elbow to the skull.

According to the preliminary schedule on the WVU Scout site, Duquesne will not be making the trip to Morgantown this year. In fact, they won't be playing West Virginia at all.

Now, this schedule could be far from official. Nothing has been posted on ESPN or the school's website, and no official articles have been found. However, as Rogabee observed on the forum, this schedule shows 27 games and an exempt tournament. There's no room for the Dukes to be added unless one of the other teams listed is a mistake or drops.

If this is all true, it confirms one fact yet again: Huggins is a sleaze. Why? Read on.

Information obtained from a reliable source much earlier this offseason indicated that Huggins wanted to play against DU at the Consol this year rather than at Morgantown as it would normally be. In return, the following two years would have games played at Morgantown. All in all, this would maintain a one for one balance if you include the game played last year, but in reality it is garbage.

This year, the Hoopies have only four returning players. Sure, one of them is the very skilled Kevin Jones, but he can't be everywhere on the court. Huggins, though slimy, isn't stupid. He knows how close the game was last year and, especially with a special player like TJ moving up the ranks, that he risks a bad home loss for his team this year should DU play them at Morgantown.

Had his plan worked, the worst that would have happened is a neutral site loss, and then he gets to have TJ at Morgantown for his junior and senior year when his roster will include Aaric Murray and Juwan Staten, among others.

Instead, we're not on the schedule at all.

Thuggins took his ball and went home.

The more time goes by, the more I wonder how Coach Everhart is friends with this guy. If the game is on after all, I'll be happy to take back some of this, unless we were in fact bullied into taking it at the CEC.