Yahoo Article on Everhart's Decision

by Face

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I hadn't yet seen discussion of this article that was posted on Yahoo Sports and felt it worthy of a look. According to the article, Everhart hadn't decided that he was going to pull his name from the PSU search until he walked into the meeting with the players.

In addition, I think our chemistry worries are over:

"Everhart's impromptu declaration that he was staying at Duquesne provoked everything from smiles, to cheers, to sighs of relief from his players. One player even leapt out of his seat in excitement that the Dukes were keeping the coach who has led a long-struggling program to three consecutive postseason appearances."

And also:

"Making the decision Thursday certainly saved Everhart an awkward evening since his players gathered at his house that night to watch Game 2 of the NBA Finals."

Still, we all hope that Everhart and Amodio can patch things up. Mention of the rumors that there is friction between the two appeared in this Beaver County Times article from a week or so ago.