WEB's TOP 25 Ballot

By Yuku Dukes
You got Jimmer'd
I know.  How can you have BYU number one?  Hear me out.  The Cougars are for real.  They have to be right...Steve Young wasn't a direct descendant of, you know, Brigham Young, just for the sake of it.  He is one of the descendants so that I could put him my blog entry.  I knew it!  They have the number 2 RPI; the 21st toughest schedule; they're 24-2; they crushed San Diego State, the only real threat to their quest to a number one seed(and no the MWC isn't getting two number one seeds).  They crushed Arizona(23-4)...by 22.  I thought the UCLA loss was a blemish they may not be able to hide from, except that at 19-7, UCLA is no joke.  You want to laugh at their 9 point road loss at New Mexico?  The PIT?  Please.  That's no worse than Texas' road loss to Nebraska; Kansas' beatdown to K-State; Duke's ridiculous stomping at the hands of St.  John's.  Sure, St. John's is "back".  But they aren't "beat Duke by 15" back.  Ohio State?  They just got stomped on by Purdue after they stomped on Purdue 3 weeks ago.  There is something about Ohio State that makes me think they are "pretenders".  I can't wrap my head around it, but I'll bet you they aren't in the Final 4.  Shake it all up and based on this writer's two eyes, it's BYU's world, and everyone else is just living in it.  Oh and they have this kid named Jimmer Fredette.  Maybe you've heard of him?

1 - BYU
2 - Duke
3 - San Diego State
4 - Texas
5 - Ohio State
6 - Kansas
7 - Purdue
8 - Pittsburgh
9 - Notre Dame
10 - Arizona
11- Florida
12 - Wisconsin
13 - Syracuse
14 - Villanova
15 - Vanderbilt
16 - St. John's
17 - George Mason
18 - Georgetown
19 - Uconn
20 - Texas A&M
21 - Missouri
22 - Xavier
23 - Temple
24 - UCLA
25 - North Carolina