Suggestion to the student section

By Steve DiMiceli

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I just want to say that one of my favorite things about our student's section right now, aside from there being students in it (no crack at the students in the past, just missed you during break) is the ever increasing number of costumed hooligans we have standing in the bottom row leading the cheers. The spandex body costumed guys really served as a great comic relief last season and their antics helped bring some atmosphere to the arena, a lot more than chair backs and a jumbo tron have. They brought a new level of fun to the AJP, and their school spirit along with some naughty parts, really showed. This year they've been joined by two more tightly clad brethren and a blue and red gorilla. Let me say that these guys have been welcome additions and I'm blown away by the students creativity.

Our student section still has a long way to go in establishing it's identity and presence. However, I humbly offer three suggestions:

1) If you are of age, drink heavily but not to the point where you end up puking on the cheerleaders.
2) I don't think you should limit costumes to just one row, I'd love to see the entire student section dressed up.
3) Don't ever get like the Oakland Zoo

 Across town we have a sterile group of students who we call the Oakland Zoo. Sure they're large in number, sure they're well organized. However, they lack creativity and spontaneity. Their chants are robotic and rehearsed. They've done them a million times, because someone before them did them a million because someone before them did it a million times so yes they loo professional. However, you have the rest of your lives to be professional. Now is the time to be a first class a-hole. Christ, they use a marker board to tell everyone what to do. WTF? The founding Zoo members were the ones who left their mark and really had fun, because they were the creative ones. Now, the Zoo just shows up at the office. If they were an organization on campus, they'd be ROTC. Nothing against Uncle Sam, but I'd rather go to a party at the Delta house.

A costumed student section really could be our thing. If everyone dresses up in their own costumes and in their own way, that means everyone gets to be creative and I know how much you college kids like your individuality. And I'm not just talking about the people who lay the foundations either. Everyone after you gets to continue to the tradition of being creative and we never get the feeling of a student section that is just showing up for another day at the office. The fun never end  Be rowdy not because the white board tells you to be rowdy. Do it because you're wearing an ape suit, you love the Dukes and you just don't give a crap who knows it.

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